Nikiti - Halkidiki


Traditional or contemporary? Well, Nikiti has both!

The view of the water is nothing less than spectacular with different shades of blue and green that is sure to dazzle the eyes. Since you are on the west coast, the sunsets are almost always eventful. And on the other hand, at old village of Nikiti, you will find yourself strolling around the stone-houses, the narrow alleys. In collaboration with Sailman Travel Agency, we can guarantee comfortable sails and high-level services for our guests. Check some options below:

  • Live the Ultimate Sailing Experience within a day! Relaxing, sunbathing, snorkeling, or partying while at the same time learning the art of sailing are only a few of the things this cruise offers. Duration : 7 hours
  • An unforgettable, romantic sunset cruise is provided every evening at 18:00. During this cruise you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset while you are watching amazing colors in the sky. Duration : 3 hours ( 18:00 - 21:00 )
  • The ultimate combination of new and extreme with endless hours of sunbathing only a dive away from the sea ! Our experienced skippers are more than willing to introduce you in the art of sailing, share their expert local knowledge and guide you to magnificent beaches and crystal blue waters of Halkidiki. Duration : 7 hours
  • Fishing is a relaxing, almost contemplative hobby, that manages to soothe your soul and fill your stomach all in one delightful outing ! During the cruise you can visit some of the best fishing spots of Sithonia while you enjoy all the luxuries of a sailing yacht. Duration: 8 hours
Royalty Suites Loft Halkidiki
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